It is important for us that you and your clients are satisfied. If a product you have purchased from our online shop,, does not satisfy you 100%, you can return it free of charge in 14 calendar days upon delivery/collecting.

How do you do this? You have two options: you can either send us the return form until the 14th calendar day upon delivery/collecting at the very latest, or you can bring the product to our plant’s headquarters in Șos. București-Târgoviște Nr.1, Buftea, Ilfov.

Download the return form. Fill it in and send it to

What are the return conditions?

The return service is available both for individual clients, as well as for corporate clients. However, only the Biodeck invoice or receipt holder is allowed to initiate the return process. 

Products can be returned under the following conditions: 

  • if, at the moment of opening the package, the products present minor flaws or do not correspond to technical specifications. 
  • in the case of festivals, conferences or high-scale events organizers, a percentage higher than 20% of the total order amount cannot be accepted. Products containing flaws or those that do not correspond to technical specifications are subject to exception.
  • the product must be returned in the same state in which it was delivered.  
  • How much time do I have to return a specific product? 

The return can be made in 14 calendar days upon the product’s purchase, if the purchase was made on 

Refund methods of the due amount 

The due amount, specified on the reversal invoice, will be refunded to the client as follows: 

  • in cash, when the client chooses to return the product directly to our headquarters and had initially paid in cash, within the maximum legal amount;
  • by bank transfer, when the client paid via purchase order, via iTransfer or in cash upon delivery, but the return will be made via courier service;
  • by automatic refund on the card account, when the client paid by debit or credit card; 

Due amount payment term

The due amount will be paid by Biodeck within a maximum of 30 days upon the client’s expression of interest in returning the product. The term can be extended if the product has been returned via courier service and has not yet reached the Biodeck warehouse. 

In the case of cash refund, it may occur that the warehouse cannot make the payment on the spot, this situation calling for an appointment for payment at a later date following the client’s product return.  In this case, and also depending on the moment when Biodeck effectively received the returned product, there might be a possibility that the aforementioned term has passed. 

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