A cookie is a small file made of letters and numbers that are stored on a device that connects to the Internet. Cookies are installed through a request sent to a browser by a server; it does not contain software programs, viruses or spyware, and cannot access the information stored on the users hardware.

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Cookie policy

1. Management agreement

When you access a website, the website can collect or store information through your browser, most often through cookies. Usually, the information collected is used to improve how the website works (information about browser, device, preferences or personal information). This information provides you with a customized navigation experience, without identifying who you are. To respect your right to privacy, you can allow only certain cookies to be collected, by selecting them from the below menu. If you decide to block certain cookies, please keep in mind that this might impact the quality of your experience on our website.

2. Essential cookies

These cookies are required for the website to function, and we cannot deactivate them. They are usually active in response to a request you have made (i.e. completing a form). You can use your browser’s settings to block these cookies, but keep in mind that this might impact how certain modules of our website function. 

3. Performance cookies

These cookies help us to improve the performance of our website, and to collect information about website traffic. All the information we collect through these cookies is clustered and anonymous. If you decide to block these cookies, we will have no information about your visit on our website.

4. Marketing cookies

These cookies can be used by our partners to observe your interests profile, and to serve you ads when you navigate on other websites. They do so by identifying your browser and navigation device, and not by collecting personal data. 

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